Maple Grove, MN Hail Damage Repair

After a severe storm, any homeowner’s concern is whether or not the storm resulted in hail damage that might cause water leakage to your home’s interior. That’s why it’s important to call in an experienced roofing expert like 1st Choice Remodeling LLC. in Maple Grove, MN to inspect your roof for hail and water damage.

We will meticulously inspect your entire roof and focus on any signs of hail damage on your Maple Grove home. Our roofing specialists have the expertise to be able to propose the suitable roofing services, whether it’s roof repair or roofing replacement.

After severe hail storm, we are the specialists to call!




Maple Grove, MN Hail Damage Repair


to repair hail damage & prevent roof leaks in Maple Grove, MN

During the storm high winds that occasionally accompany hail storms can originate blow-off damage that should be attended to and repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home. Hail-damaged roof shingles may not present or cause any issues for months or even years, but it’s be smart to contact specialist as soon as possible. Specialists at  1st Choice Remodel LLC. can assess the situation and see if the damage qualify for roof repair or roofing replacement with the help of your homeowner’s insurance. We provide free inspections and estimates for hail damage repair in Maple Grove, MN and the surrounding areas around Minneapolis. Give us a call or get an online quote today!

It make no difference what Mother Nature throws your way, 1st Choice Remodel LLC’ roofing services can contribute peace of mind to you and your family while helping protect your home against the elements of the nature.

Hail Storms damage different roofing materials in different ways

Expertise in roof inspections following hail storms has educated roofing specialists about how hail damage affects different roofing materials. It’s not a shock to learn that hail damages different roofing materials in different ways.

Roof hail damage can also vary greatly from one part of a house’s roof to another. This imbalance is due essentially to the wind that steer the hail. A deflected blow will do less damage than hail that strikes the roof at close to 90 degrees.

  • Hail damage to asphalt shingles: Shingles can have broken/cracked tabs, but the most common hail damage takes the form of crushed or dented areas where granules are forced into the shingle mat material or displaced entirely. Since granules protect the shingle from UV degradation, hail dents can result in shortened shingle life.
  • Hail damage to wood shingles: Wood shingles can crack from hail impacts. Cracking will be along the grain, and can cause parts of shingles to break loose.
  • Hail damage to slate roofs: Hail impact can crack slate, although cracks tend to be more random than with wood shingles. Some tiles may break loose from their fasteners and slide off the roof.





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